Hilar’s first winter/ fall collection 2018 at the Ethical Fashion show Berlin

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Hilar will be launching its first winter/ fall collection 2018 at the Ethical Fashion show this 16 to 18 of January 2018 at Kraftwerk-Berlin, Germany

Hilar is a Peruvian Ethical Fairtrade clothing handmade with finest natural 100% baby alpaca wool, organic cotton and silk, knitted in artisan women workshops from Andean communities at 4000 m a.s.l. situated in Cusco and Arequipa.  Baby alpaca currently is the most sustainable and finest luxury fiber of the world better than cashmere: biodegradable, softer, durable, lighter, warmer and stylish; overall products with alpaca is cruelty free (the shearing process does not hurt or injure the animal.

Hilar’s creative process is end-to-end hand-crafted, making each garment an art piece. Hilar promotes the deep understanding of the ancestral wisdom and Andean culture from its textile art: based on millenary creativity, contemporary innovation and sustainable fashion.

Our European – inspired clothing and accessories are designed by Grace Sandoval a native Peruvian Artist with Spanish background who currently lives in Stockholm. Grace’s Purpose is to empower Andean women in continuing the Pre-Hispanic textile heritage, searching for an economic and social impact.

The Hilar’s winter/fall Collection 2018

Is inspired in the romanticism and colors of the nature and landscapes of the Peruvian Andean highlands, women artisan created a special and unique color collection by dyeing naturally and hand-spinning each threads of baby alpaca. Our European designs brings the essence of the natural and relaxing nature in the highlands making feasible through a ready to wear style between timeless and minimalistic design with warm and cozy high quality materials. Hilar collection has fashion esthetics and ethics bases where is connected directly with the concept of the Spanish Word Hilar which in English language means spinning (process to transform a textile fiber into a continuous cohesive thread) the whole process was an Art work in progress transforming just not every fiber into a thread, but also to transform each women life even for the own designer’s life.

Artist designer Grace Sandoval Casamayor (left) and Luna or Moon (In Peruvian Andes the Alpaca’s owners give them special names) . That’s how they met at 5 a.m. in a highland community at 4000 m.a.s.l. at Paulina’s house while everyone was sharing a day of work(makingditches to bring water from the mountains to their lands).

During this Hilar experience woman shares the tenacity to conquer their dreams, in addition to their formidable mettle. The best of our country rests on the shoulders of a legion of women for whom self-denial is not an unusual sacrifice, but their everyday life. There is no day to stop spinning and knitting. They are what, despite all adversities, there is a place for hope and what we call consumer society is more than an exchange of fine clothes for a price. Proof of Women empowerment and tenacity lead to these communities to stablish them into Association of women artisans in Cusco and Arequipa and get fair-trade certification besides to have social development programs as education Technical training in fabrics and dyes, reading literacy for the children of the spinners and weavers., transforming their lives in a positive impact; one of them Marleny Quijahuman is a leadership that currently has become one of the most famous trainers in the Art hand weaving techniques in all the Peruvian Andes. With Hilar project, Marleny and women communities are able to show their art to the world and support and sustain their family economically through their art work.   Women brings the Andean times and stories to life through the ancestral culture of knitting. Fantastic stories, myths and colorful poetry are knitting between the hands of creative and courageous women, who share with the world their extraordinary magic inherited at the foothills of the Andes. Not only the alpaca fiber is spun; also our dreams and stories. Spinners make the spirit tangible in a way where the smallest learn and stop to listen to the wisest. Thanks to them we are united by the thread of life, because Hilar is to live.

Artist designer Grace Sandoval Casamayor (left) and Paulina Chávez artisan women. At one her diary journeys to collect milk for all the surrounding communities, 4:30 a.m. road to community in the highland at 4500 m.a.s.l. Orcopampa-Arequipa. Thank you so much to Paulina for sharing her story and world to us.

At the same time for Grace Sandoval, Hilar is not just a fashion sustainable project, it means the essence of her life, appreciating her Andean roots. Daughter and granddaughter of a well-known woman knitters and healers of all the Andean highlands and educated as an artist and media communicator  she could connected  through these dimension again with her legacy, with her cultural heritage and from that moment she has been leading and developing personal and collaborative projects through Photography, Filmmaking, Video Art Installations to Fashion Design; promoting the textile art from my pre-Columbian ancestors to the present day; specially working for promoting policies and awareness of social inclusion and gender identity to empower women. She has carried this link to many places within her country and abroad.

What makes a difference from a spinner of today to one of long ago, is its closeness to the world. The hyperconectivity of our time has determined our way of seeing and understanding the space where we share sorrows, glories and gifts. In Hilar we try to approach the world through the threads of a thousand colors and the fabrics of a thousand textures. We believe that Hilar is the patrimony of every woman who wants to shelter, protect and share with the family the threads of life.  

Hilar is aware that, in nature, everything that has life depends on other living beings to survive. Each one takes something from the others, and in turn offers something to others. People and animals benefit: people provide alpacas with care and protection and in return receive wool. In Hilar we don’t want to break that balance that was maintained in the pre Inca and Inca world. We believe that we are united by the thread of life projected from the Alpaca fleeces.

You could have a look of our Project, Collection and look book winter/ fall 2018 in our website: www.hilar.pe And in our social media platforms as @hilar.pe. In addition, Hilar will be soon in concept shops boutiques in the principal cities of Europe as: Stockholm, Denmark, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin and Madrid.

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  • Awesome designs and descriptions of these beautiful pieces. Definitely something to look for . You are doing a wonderful job Grace! Keep it up !

    • Wow!!! Thank you so much Dear Angela, you are very kind with your appreciation!! Your comments raise my spirit to keep on working with faith, love and passion! Send you warm hugs!

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